Language Exchange

Language Exchange 2013-14

If you are interested in the language exchange organized by the Instituto de Idiomas, you must fill out a questionnaire and send it as an attachment to an e-mail account.  You will find the links to the questionnaire and the e-mail address below.  On the subject line of your message, you should indicate the language you are offering for the exchange and the language you want to practice, separated by a hyphen, and then your name e.g.

English-Spanish, John Smith.

We can only take into account your exchange forms if you fill in the subject line as just stated. If you write something different, your exchange form will not be forwarded.

If you are offering or want practice in more than one language, you need to send a different questionnaire for each exchange.

The deadline for sending in the forms is Friday, 18 October, 2013

After that date, the specific information for each language will be published on the pages linked at the left of this page.

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